for distantviewing

Mark 3 coin operated binoculars at Torquay
M1 coin operated telescope at Dampier
Mark 3 coin operated binoculars at Torquay Victoria
Mark 1 coin operated telescope converted to free-to-use at Dampier WA

Seecoast coin operated telescopes and coin operated binoculars are constructed of rigid aluminum alloys.

They are sand blasted to prepare for the powder coat, this provides  excellent outdoor durability.

Internal parts are brass and stainless steel.

Importantly there are no batteries and no electrical connections.

Optical interiors are anodized and sealed against corrosion. Precision ground lenses and prisms are hard coated, with front and rear lenses protected by tamper proof optically flat surfaces.

Cash boxes are specifically designed to provide maximum protection against vandalism and public abuse.

All  interior and exterior components have been proven to be virtually indestructible to the elements year after year in the harshest of environments

These units will stand up against extreme temperatures and all weather conditions.  With minimum maintenance, these viewers will last indefinitely

The Mark 3 Binocular has a 50 mm lens which gives a clear image with minimum distortion of a wide view

Seecoast has built it's business the way these coin operated telescopes and coin operated binoculars have been built - on proven reliability and profitability

We realize that "down time" means money lost. We provide service and spare parts for all models and guarantee the highest standards of durability and with minimum upkeep and maintenance

Join our satisfied customers who watch their profits grow day by day, year after year using Seecoast binoculars and telescopes

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