Mark 3  coin operated binoculars

M3 coin operated binoculars click image to enlarge

The Mark 3 coin operated binocular has an optic power of 10X giving a broad or wide view.

Simple in design, with no batteries and no electrical parts, the Mark 3 has been well received since it's introduction.

Like the Mark l telescope the Mark 3 binoculars are manufactured in USA by Seecoast Manufacturing Inc.

The 360˚, or full round base, is suited for outdoor observation platforms and river walks.

The pedestal and base are included with the Mark 3 binoculars.  Base information here

Mark 1 and Mark 3 are interchangeable onto existing Seecoast bases and pedestals.

Mark 3 coin operated binoculars

Height: 1.47 meters
Weight: 43 kg
Castings: 356 Alum. Alloy
Column: Alum. Stanchion 11.4 cm diameter
Standard Base: 76.2 cm diameter
Binocular Width: 30.5 cm
Binocular Length: 55.8 cm
Housing Movement: 360˚ rotation, 50˚ up and 50˚ down
Power: 10 X
Field of View: 112 meters at 915 metres
Coin Chute: single A$2 coin
Timing Mechanism: 1 minute and 30 seconds

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